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Review Feed Back

[Note: Web Editor has edited content to maintain brevity only]

B.M., California, USA
Beyond the glaring hypocrisy, the inequities in resource distribution and the social injustices one observes in our state and society, a question one has to ask oneself is whether one is part of the solution or part of the problem ? In this vein, each person has to probe one's own heart and mind. One subconscious intention behind venting disgust can be healthy anxiety and a motivator to do something. Another can be implicit escapism, contributing to one's own apathy and that of others. I am glad, this is the former, rather than the latter. GEO Pakistan....its about time!
Ms. Maimoona Noor - Peshawar-NWFP, Pakistan.
Founder & Chief Executive AWARD-All Women Advancement & Resource Development.
Dear Geo Team
I want to congratulate Geo TV for initiating a di
alogue on theHudood Ordinance, Zina-Bil-Raza and Zina-Bil-Jaber.

I have been saying things about Hudood Ordinance at different forums as a CSO representative and a Human Rights activist, which are of course a matter of common sense e.g. in Zina-Bil_Jaber the need of four witness is tot
ally absurd. If four people are standing and watching the violence they must be "BAGHARAT".

But on Geo TV to watch Ulma and intellectu
als saying, it will InshAllah make a difference and we will be able to change the discriminatory Law that has ruined Islam’s image and reputation….once again congratulations from the core of my heart.
Muhammad Ahmad, Houston, Texas, United States
GEO! Why was it necessary to start with Hudood ordinance? Don't you think that there are hundreds of other things dividing our society? Like Feudal system, like Kalabagh Dam, and implementation of Shariat?? Your programs are worse than Indian's program. It is shame for a Pakistani channel to promote Indian culture. You are, in fact, a "JEW" channel.
Mustafa Malik, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
I think it was a bold step by GEO TV. I think topics like these should come up in the future as well which change the view of masses. So next time someone talks about such a topic, one does not need to be scared. However, I would like GEO to follow the issue through, and give us updates in their next talk show in regards to the previous issue until it gets resolved. I'm no religious leader, I will refuse to debate on any religious matter, but I'm one of the people of Pakistan who has some common sense, from what I see Hudood ORDINANCE and NOT HUDOOD ALLAH has room for improvement. I hope to see many other Pakistani's sane minds taking part in active forums such as this to express their views and opinions and much thanks goes to GEO for achieving that.
Raheel A. Chughtai, Lahore, Pakistan
HATS OFF to the team behing zara sochiye. The debate was the first of its kind in my life it was very informative and conclusive. It showed the true picture from both sides. Our molvies and muftis need to revise their concepts of Islam while synchronising with scholars like Dr. Javed Ghamdi. I really appreciate and foresee that zara sochiye will bring about some change in the way people think about the problems they face. It is a highly commendable effort. A lot of people in my social circle missed that debate. CAN THEIR BE A RETELECAST??? PLEASE DO.
Dr Humayun Bashir
Dear Geo,

I am finding hard to choose words to express my views on your presentations on the issue of 'Hudood Oridinance'.

My initial reaction to the details and views about Hudood Ordinance, reflected in the interviews, was of shock on my ignorance. UltimatelyI am feeling deeply ashamed of being a Pakistani. It is awful that we have taken over two decades to realize that 'Hudood Ordinance' is unjust, inhumane and detrimental to the ideals of Islam. The very fact
that the Ordinance equates 'Rapists and Adulterers' is an anonmaly beyond explanation. Further the Ordinance fascilitates victamization of women, protects the 'rapists' and there is no automatic penality for falsely accusing a women.

As a Pakiatani I am extremely grateful to Geo for clearing the mist which has been hiding the henious implications of the 'Hudood Ordinance' for over two decades.

It is a shame that the nation of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammaed Ali Jinnah,one of the most brilliant lawyers and constitutionalists of all times,drafted and lived with a law that violates the basic principles of justice in the name of Islam for so long.

Thankyou very much Geo.
Athar Syed - Kuwait, Kuwait
Many Muslims today believe that Islam is such a complicated subject that it can only be left to the so called Ulema to figure out. Average Muslims feel that they are inherently unqualified to participate in any religious debate. And yet Gods tells us in Surah 54, Verses 17, 22, 32 and 40: “We made the Quran easy to learn. Does any of you wish to learn?” I applaud GEO in undertaking the effort to facilitate a public debate on this subject. I hope this is the first of many such examinations of what we, collectively as Muslims, practice and believe in. Most importantly I hope it promotes a sense of personal responsibility amongst all of us to learn and come to an understanding about our faith.
Omair, Karachi - Pakistan
I just wish to quote the transalation of Surah Al-Noor, Ayat 6-9 'And for those who launch a charge against their spouses and have (in support) no evidence but their own solitary evidence (can be recieved) if they bear witness four time (with an oath) by Allah that they are solemenly telling the truth. And the fifth (oath should be) that they solemnly invoke the curse of Allah on themselves if they tell a lie." But it would avert punishment from the wife if she bears witness four times (with an oath) by Allah that (her husband) is telling a lie. And the fifth (oath) should be that she solemenly invokes the wrath of Allah on herself in (her accuser) is telling the truth. If in this case the testimony of woman is same as man then why not in rape case?

Muhammad Asif - Milwaukee, USA

You know I was wrong. I thought GEO is impartial on all the debates it organizes but now i realize in the Hudood ordinance debate that GEO isn't impartial. GEO also has a hidden agenda based on the animosity against Islam and its true values as a DEEN. GEO also promotes the beliefs of those people who actually are against the ordinance.

Faizan - Bradford, United Kingdom

Excellent Work. A Daring Move. Just complete the work and take it to end.
Nadia M -  London
Well done for launching this project, Geo. I’m particularly pleased to have access to the text of the laws themselves on this micro site, as well as to some of the translations of the Quranic verses that these laws claim to draw upon. Although I’ve thought and read about the Hudood Ordinances before, having access to the text of the laws themselves reminded me of some points of detail that trouble me, other than the obvious flaws we often talk about. For example, I had forgotten that ‘adult’ men were defined as males over the age of eighteen, whereas adult women are defined as females over the age of sixteen, or females who have attained the age of puberty. This means that we could have, (and have had?) female children as young as eleven subject to these laws. Where does this differentiated definition of adulthood originate from? As your logo for Zara Sochiye suggests, the scales are imbalanced at the moment. Let’s hope this forum prompts a cross-section of thinking people to write in and discuss these laws as a small step towards an overdue repeal.
Dr. Yasir Abbasi, Karachi, Pakistan
For more than 25 years the common populace was lead to believe that this ordinance was the word of Allah. If some one would have openly opposed this law only 10 years ago he would have most probably been labelled as a 'Kafir' and maybe killed by a mob of fanatics. This just makes me think how many other "man-made" laws we have been forced to believe has divine. The other question I have is, how can Hudood laws or the laws of shariat be implemented on non-muslims? I mean if someone doesn’t believe in these hudood than how can you punish him for surpassing it! Ironic!!!!
Ali Hasan, Karachi, Pakistan
Hudood Ordinance are laws made by people which can carry mistakes & can be improved. So, we should study them & help in improving them the laws are not the laws of Allah (Almighty).
Shehla Furqan, Karachi, Pakistan
This is a good effort by Geo. However, please pay attention to build a case. The section on history of the Hudood ordinance can give more insight into the nature of this issue - it is very sketchy. It is best to deal with such issues after more thorough homework. Best regards.
Mustafa Shakir – Beijing, China
Assalamoalaikom I would like to say that the Hudood Ordinance is in very close proximity to Quran and Hadith and Pakistan being a country created in name of ISLAM should implement it properly.The Hudood Ordinance is a step towards making the society more pure so why not implement it properly rather than letting it be maligned by the so called moderates of Pakistan.The need of the hour in Pakistan is not to make more Laws but to implement the laws properly as in our whole 60 years history no law has been implemented hundred percent. Thanks
Qasim Usmani – Karachi, Pakistan
First of all, I would congratulate GEO on such a wonderful job done. The whole format, selection of experts, the presentation is superb. I wish if I can see the actual question put to the experts (word by word) that made them reply in the specific terms and they could not escape in the jugglery of words. I liked the comments of Maulana Ehtramul Haq Thanvi. I agree the architect of Hudood Ordinance must be burning in hell and will burn for ever. I would like to submit a few suggestions. A) Present few real life case stories that have evolved as a result of blunders of Hudood Ordinance. Tell us how people have been using Hudood Ordinance for their own benefit. Please involve us. B) At the end of any question put to the public (e.g. in Zara Sochiae or GEO Poll etc) you invite people to reply through phone call, email or letter. May I suggest you add the mobile sms option in the list. Mobile sms is currently the most convenient and handy option. One can immediately reply and submit his / her opinion. I am sure you will get more submissions.
IJAZ AHMAD - Lahore Cantt., Pakistan

Zina and Zina Bil Jabar are two different topics. So if we read Zina Bil Jabar within the ambit of Zina then it is against the principles of Natural Justice. Only Zina falls within the ambit of Hudood Laws. It is necessary that the second one must be regulated through our common law i.e. Pakistan Penal Code. In case of Zina Bil Jabar, it is not possible to produce four specified witnesses. The victim after failing to fulfill the same, will be accused of Qazaf. So she is a victim of Zina Bil Jabar in the one hand and on the other she is also accused of Qazaf. This is the deficiency of Hudood Laws. I appreciate the Golden Thinking our Religious Groups who are ready for removing the errors of the same. (IJAZ AHMAD) M.A(Political Science), LL. B, Advocate, Lahore.

Ms Hadi – Karachi, Pakistan

Hudood Ordinance is not Islamic. Period. Repealing the hudood law is not about human rights, women rights or even a fight for common sense. It’s about Islam's rights, and Islam is about all these things and more. Islam never intended the 4 witness requirement for Zina/Adultery to be applied for Zina Bil Jabar (rape). 4 witness concept was there to protect women, and the innocent, it was almost a public indecency law and a warning, that was not supposed to be so misused, let alone to be confused with proving Zina Bil Jaber. Islamic scholars from across Pakisan, through GEO, have finally spoken up unanimously through this campaign, and the rest of the country is also getting to see such discource for the first time. Pakisan should continue this trend of discourse and debate, as it is surely a sign of a maturing nation. Mashallah and may God guide us further.

Saman Urooj Ismail – Karachi, Pakistan

First of all, I would applaud GEO for initiating the ‘Zara Sochiyay’ concept. I believe that a lot of viewers would be ‘forced to think’ by the programme. As far as my opinion on the Hudood Ordinance is concerned, I truly believe that the Ordinance in itself is faulty and a lot of clauses in it should be amended. This is what a number of human rights and women rights activists have been campaigning for in the past. However, I have been heartened to see that almost all the religious sects also hold the same opinion. This has made me wonder as to why the move for amending the Hudood Ordinance was not carried out in the past, and also, who are the ones who DON’T want the Ordinance amended.

Hassan S Siddiqi – Middleton, USA
I think Hudood laws are a curse to women in Pakistan. Hundreds of women are not given justice through this ordinance and this needs to be corrected. 4 witnesses for rape is not reasonable at all, DNA evidence should be taken into consideration and a man should be arrested as soon as a woman cries out rape. This is fairness and Islam calls for fairness.
Waqqas Tariq Chauhan – Lahore, Pakistan
Hudood as defined by Allah and conveyed by the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), is beyond modification at any level. As far as the man-derived ordinance or legislature is concerned, it is always a "draft", something which can never attain any concrete stature, as who ever may be laying down the particular ordinance will be doing so according to his own interpretation of the Islamic Values as defined by Allah in the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) through Hadeeth and Sunnah. Now if we look at the Hudood-Ordinance from this point of view, we will clearly see that it is nothing but a collection of man-defined clauses, a collection which is totally modifiable and adjustable based on the current socio-cultural drift of society.
Mohammed Asif – Lahore, Pakistan
"Hadood Ordinance" is one of the biggest institutionalized forms of discrimination against women in Pakistan. The very fact that it is in force in Pakistan (and may be two or three more countries of the Islamic World who are being run by stupid people like Zia) itself manifests that it was a whimsical decision taken by a handful of religious zealots for curtailing women's social mobility and that it has nothing to do with Islam. Hadood Ordinance must be repealed at the earliest possible time. I, as citizen of Pakistan, stand strongly for its roll-back. Perhaps President General Pervaiz Musharraf's government can do the only good thing over these past six years by doing so!!!
Rabia Zia – Ghana
Dear Geo, I have the following remarks about the current zara socchey campaign about Hudood ordinance .Zara Socchey is supposed to be a thought provoking unbaised initiative. It is however more of a directed propaganda towards a desired purpose using the name of independence .I have formed this opinion based on the following : 1.The website for this issue is a black website implying that it is a black law. 2.The balance shown is tilted towards one side which means it is an unjust law 3.The advertisement for the zara sochhey showing four women standing and not able to do anything for one woman drawing is not it a clear reflective of the bais in the campaign . We hold Geo in high esteem and would like it to be an independent media not one into playing in the hands of a specific group.
Ali Imran – Lahore, Pakistan
Zara Sochiyee is one of the efforts by GEO which has helped the people to talk on such issues which were banned. There is a great confusion present in the society that "Hudood Allah "and "Hudood Ordinance" are one and the same thing. I think that there is great need to differentiate the two. Hudood Ordinance is one which was formulated and promulgated by a military dictator to prolong his illegitimate rule. No Muslim can even think or comment about Hudood Allah but discussing man- made and man-interpreted law is not a sin. I am a professional lawyer and come across the sufferings of many women and children under this law. Over 90% Hudood cases ends up in acquittals by courts but the affectees suffer irreparable losses. I think that these ordinances should be debated publicly and Parliament should take appropriate measure to end the sufferings of the victims of this law.

Ghazala Khurshid – GOUVIEUX, France

A society which cannot differentiate between adultery and rape and requires 4 MALE witnesses for each act to be punished has made a mockery of the Divine Guidance of the Holy Qur'an. And to think, it has been subjecting its womenfolk to such humiliation, pain and suffering in the name of the Law of the “REHMAN UR RAHIM ". The hudood ordinance is a frank molestation of Allah's Law and reprehensible. We had to wait for so long to understand this simple reality? O religion! Thy name is ignorance! Al -Maidah 5 : 48 5:48 To you (O Messenger) We have sent THE BOOK in Sure Truth confirming the Divine Origin of whatever Scripture was before it. The Qur’an is the Watcher over the old Scriptures and guards the Truth in them. So, JUDGE between people by that which Allah has revealed to you and follow not their wishes away from the Truth that has come to you. Now has come to all of you THE DIVINE LAW, and A TRACED-OUT WAY. If Allah had willed, He could have made all of you humans a single community. But, He decided to let you choose your own path after showing you the Truth, and thus test yourselves. Outdo one another in actions that serve humanity and thus grow your “Self”. To Allah is your final destination; of all of you. Then He will make you understand where you differ. 5 : 49 5:49


Shaukat Khan Juneau, Alaska, USA

Thank you for generating a debate on the Hadood Ordinance. Pakistani Muslims must learn to debate, learn to hear differing opinion, and learn to live with difference of opinions even on religious issues.


Dervaish Lashkari – Philadelphia, USA

The existence of the Hudood Ordinance in Pakistan should be a cause for constant sorrow and shame for all Pakistanis. Kudos, therefore, to GeoTV for taking on this groundbreaking venture. For the record, please note that the debate is only about the Zina Ordinance which mandates the imprisonment of rape victims while allowing the rapist to go scot free (the Hudood Ordinance has several other statutes). What is surprising though is that there are no women being asked to weigh in on the subject. Does their opinion not matter (Muslim women's testimony being worth only half that of Muslim men!) or are there just no women in Pakistan with the courage and/or wherewithal to present their point of view? The enactment of the Hudood Ordinance was one of the most tragic events in Pakistan's history, an event eclipsed in enormity only by the 2nd Amendment to the Pakistani constitution in Zulfiqar Bhutto's time through which Ahmedis/Qadianis were rendered second-class citizens -- earning in turn for Pakistan the dubious distinction of being one of the very few countries in the world whose very constitution singles out a religious minority for discriminatory treatment. The problem with laws like the Hudood Ordinance is that once enacted they are virtually impossible to repeal -- such being the vagaries of trying to live by divine laws. It is then perhaps to Musharraf's credit that at least the milieu necessary for the intelligent re-appraisal of these monstrosities is gradually being created.


Muhammad Imran – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Dear Sir/Madam, I dont have much knowledge about "Hudood" but I know the fact that if we claim that we are Muslims even bad Muslims, we never got right to find new laws other than those described in Quran and explained by Hadith. Simply, if we are looking for some different life style to live with, we should have enough courage to announce that we don’t want to abide by our religion Islam. Because manmade laws of life, we cannot title as islamic laws! More over Dear, if you are really trying to do some thing good for Pakistani people, arrange debates and polls over real issues: for example, if there should be Audit for Armed forces ( True islamic laws say that Accountability should start from the Leaders even it should be harder for the leaders than common man). For example, the corrupt politicians, corrupt Generals, corrupt Bureaucrats, how they should be expelled from the society and how they should be punished? If you have clear hearts, like what should be done with Feudal lords, sucking the blood of innocent Pakistani people and still holding huge lands, which their forefathers were granted by Britishers as a reward of Loyalty to their masters? Do arrange Debates and Polls for the issues like if Alcohol or Wines trade should be allowed in Islamic country and if Armed forces high officials should be allowed to take Alcohols and Wines at their parties or not? if you want to do really some thing for Pakistani people, arrange Debates and Polls over real issues, but if you want to please some one else, rather than Allah, do what ever you are doing! But remember, even if you don’t believe, every one is answerable to Allah on the judgment day for one's deed! Even if you Don’t believe it!


 Afzal Upal – Toledo, USA

While I'm certainly happy someone has the courage to touch the issue but the program you are producing is clearly imbalanced and not a very good piece of journalism. It only presents one side of the issue and leaves the viewers like me wondering as to where the heck have all these influential (scholars and opinion leaders, who seem so convinced of the injustice of it all) been for the last two decades! You need to present the view of the people who crafted the law and who support it to make the viewers understand how we ended up where we are. However, as I said, I'm happy someone has the guts to at least talk about the issue. Kudos to GEO. And I guess a piece of one sided propaganda may be what is needed at this point to stir up the pot and shake things up. I hope you succeed in your mission.


Nadia Sahar – Lahore, Pakistan

Yes Hudood ordinance is Islamic! The problem is with the implementation!

Anis Ahmed Qureshi – Islamabad, Pakistan

Zina & Zina bil jabr are two different words & have different meanings no doubt about it. If any person even scholer said or exist in zina ordinence its regretted. Islam is a complete religion. It is a very kind religion. So how its possible for a girl or women how is raped to produce 4 adult person as witness? Kindly invite scholars from abroad, from other Muslim countries for their views. Thanks you GEO

Babar Bashir – Dubai, UAE
I just came to know about this very interesting program and the main thing is the beginning of a dialogue process for this sensitive issue. I really pray and hope that we as a nation will be able to discuss these things openly and able to find a proper way of resolving such issues without blaming anyone. We are all part of the society, representing our religion and we are obliged to deliver positive results. Its not the matter of respect for women only. It is the matter related to our mothers, sisters and wives. So, our main focus must be on JUSTICE. I've personally experienced that a majority of these programs instead of clearing thoughts of general public ends up in creating chaos and confusion. I really hope that those who started such an important program are going to put their best efforts to clear issues.
Ahmed Shahab – Toronto, Canada
Salams, It is interesting that Geo TV is running an Ad stating "No Debate on Hudood Allah". Does that mean that now we can finally debate the Constitution of Pakistan. Is the Constitution of Pakistan based on Quran and Sunnah? If Geo TV thinks they have courage to talk about Hudood Allah, then i would like them to run Ad on TV on stating how the Constitution of Pakistan violates the Quran and Sunnah, and the Hudood of Allah swt. The whole idea of such campaign is to remove law making based on the Quran and Sunnah. If Geo is sincere in implementing Quran and Sunnah and hudood of Allah swt, they should have been running campaigns to identify all the Laws in the Constitution of Pakistan that violates the Laws of Allah. At the end of day the Constitution of Pakistan is a man made law.


With great respect I invite your attention to the off repeated words of the Hudood Ordinance. Zina bil raza and zina bil jabr both are repugnant words. The very word of zina is repulsive and disgusting especially when children are watching TV. Parents feel embarrassed. I do not think it is a hot topic for the present. We are ignoring other important issues . The Hudood Ordinance is a diabloic creation of some diseased mind. It is against humanity and culture and it must be repelled forthwith.

Raihan Merchant, Karachi, Pakistan
I would like to congratulate GEO on a very bold step where they have fulfilled on objective of running a TV channel - to inform. The currrent campaign on Hudood was an eye opener for someone like me who has not had a lot interaction with the religion and law to be able to understand the effect of such a law on the society. What I do know now is the kind of havoc such a law can create in a society as uneducated as ours. I just hope the government can do something about such a draconian law and fix it.
Salman Ahmed (Junoon), NY, USA
Dear friends, there is a moment in time when wrong begs to be righted. The hudood (law of moral parameters) ordinance was introduced during the dark ages of general Zia Ul Haq who used it as a tool to punish dissent, bully minorities and to mollify the maulanas. Countless innocent women (and men) have had their lives and reputations destroyed by zealots who have used this law to distract from their own own corrupt agendas and covert practices. Having been introduced in the name of preserving the sanctity of islam this law in fact has violated the true spirit of islamic justice by using rumour, innuendo and hearsay as evidence against it's victims. The hudood ordinance is a dark remnant of the zia era and needs to be repealed immediately. I'm inspired by geo who has taken the bold step of opening a public debate on the true nature of the hudood law. We need to collectively mount moral and legal pressure on the govt. To have this unjust law repealed 
Ibrahim Yousaf, Islamabad, Pakistan
I just saw the full page ad in Jang and I had was totally shocked by
reading such open and positive comments by so many Islamic scholars! I had no idea that we had so many scholars and that all of them believed in such an open way about the difference between the Hadood Allah and the Hadood Ordinance. Having Taqi Usmani and Muneeb ur Rahman as well as the head of Islamic Ideology Council was particularly a coup. They are all respected people, and now they will be even more respected by coming out openly about the topic. I wish them and all those who have encouraged the rest of us to Œ¹think¹¹ luck and prayers with their intentions.
Asma Haq, London, UK
It is refreshing to see the Hudood Ordinance approached as a topic without including politics in the matter. It is also wonderful to see that with a topic, which has divided the nation for so many years, there does seem to be some consensus amongst the religious leaders who have supported it in the past. The consensus openly admits that the Hudood Ordinance is man made and there is nothing divine about it. Everyone seems to agree it needs to be re-evaluated and made more effective and just. Let¹s hope that process starts soon.
Yahya Usman, United Kingdom
Hudood Ordinance is giving both Islam and Pakistan a bad name. This law goes against common sense and should be repealed immediately..
Tanveer Khan, Houston, USA
Can we call Hudood Ordinance a complete sub set of Islamic Jurisprudence, yet to be deciphered? However, it is refreshing to know that we are at least looking into the matter. I commend GEO on this initiative. Here is my request to the knowledgeable members of the society: Please see to it that Islam is not hold hostage by a certain sect or ideologyŠ What needs to be ascertained is, should this be the way forward? I think we can do better than this
Syed Qamarul Islam, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Actually, the real enemy of Pakistan is not India or any other state, It is only the army generals, who never hesitate in destroying any thing what so ever, either the nation¹s moral or social character. Hudood Ordinance was introduced by Gen Zia to malign Islam¹s perception of justice. My thought is that any ordinance made by Army Generals should be abolished.
Imran Khan, Faisalabad, Pakistan
While I believe that the only 100% effective and progressive way to make the hudood ordinance better is to repeal it altogether, at least we have taken a step in the right direction by looking into the matter. Thank you GEO for providing a forum for this initiative to take place.
Iqbal A Yousuf, Karachi, Pakistan
Zaheer Khan, Pehshawar
GEO¹s campaign is one sided, and Hadood Ordinance has been maligned because of a foreign handed agenda that channels like GEO and some NGO backed Alims are following. Though repeal has not been shown to be the agenda, and its mentioned on your website, it will not be long before when that move is made and GEO will surely support it. I urge you not to make that mistake, as God¹s laws should not be touched.
Bashir Sheikh, Multan
This debate is not fit for TV. TV is a dumb medium as it is, and 30 min or an hour that format programs have been giving to this issue as well as the people who are coming to host such programs are not fit, actually is spreading more confusion among the masses. Leave the masses out of this. The intentions might be to show how liberal Islam is but people will take advantage of that and there will be no going back. We must be more responsible. I hope you will put this comment on.
Amna Babar, Kuwait
I don¹t understand why women are left out of this campaign? And where are the judges and human rights lawyers? Has Geo avoided them on purpose? Intentions might be pure, but you will only encourage the Maulvi more, and expand and protect what he thinks is his domain. Islam can not be hostage to them, let the minorities have their say and don¹t give more legitimacy to them than they already think they have. Islam doesn¹t need no priest and middle man, everyone can have a direct relationship to GOD. Everyone.
Jamal Shah, Toronto, Canada
I think the major cause of problems in Muslim world is that they are not accommodating new changes which is happening around them and rejecting them in the name of Islam. The usually follow the approach what Prophet has done. I would rather seek what Prophet would have done if he would be living with us today?
Nasir Raza Lodhi, Canada
We have to discuss all these kind of issue with open mind. With consultation of all religious scholar. we should amend these Law in true spirit of islam
Zia's Hudood Ordinance is not only defective but its consequences have been totally disastrous and unjust and must be quicly made part of the dust bin of our history. We must never forget that Islam primarily teaches justice above all. This debate only matters if we disregard the history of our country's creation, and our Quaid's aspirations, and follow the path of the parties and leaders who had nothing to do with the creation of our great nation, but were historically its foes, and like the Hypocrites mentioned in the Holy Quran, decided not only to eat its fruits but to mislead us as well.
It's about time this debate took place with full force. Hudood Ordinance needs to go. There should be no room for such oppressive laws in our society
Congratulations on tackling such a controversial issue with an objective style and democratic attitude. One thing though -There were no women represented on the Hudood panel? If we are vying for democracy, voices of women, religious minorities etc need to be included in the debate - diversity in voice, opinion etc is essential.

Imran khalid khan, Karachi, Pakistan

Zahid Raja, Toronto, Canada
The process of thinking in the Muslim nation was never under any circumstances banned. The real problem in our country is not that we do not think but if we have something to implement, then we have the same forces who are running our judiciary, our education and other systems to deal with which are corrupt.We need to think how to get rid of them before thinking how to reform our systemsNaveed.We need action not words.
I just hope that government wouldn't exploit your sincere efforts... What about your next compaign???????? Or this is the end??
Jawad Mazhar, tauranga city, New Zealand
Well done Geo. It is a great effort. I hope geo continues to discuss such issues in the future as well. I didn’t know about this issue till I read it on geo website. It is sad that it took us 27 years to just talk about it. I wonder how long it would take us to actually change it in real life. It also makes me realise that Islam is a wonderful religion. We are not bold enough to fight the false norms in our culture. I hope Geo takes up other issues as well. Unfortunately our parliament is full of illiterate, selfish and corrupt politicians. They are not concerned with the welfare of the people. They don't have the intention or the wisdom to talk about such issues. Please discuss other issues as well, maybe we can solve them in a similar way. Maybe Geo will be able to bring out a wider public awareness and get closer to the truth in other matters as well.
Assalam o allkum. My dear Brothers I just want to say Hudood Ordinance is basically not a major issue. The major issue is our law enforcement agencies as they are not playing their role in a better way. I think it would be better to correct them first. As far as Hudood Ordinance is concerned, it is a purely a Islamic issue. Don't interprate it as a political issue. Khurram
Nasir Mehmood, Abha, Saudi Arabia
I watch GEO channel on daily basis. I appreciate the endeavour the channel is taking to reform the society, particularly the debate about Hudood Ordinance. I personally think the ordinance was passed by General Zia to divert the people's attention from his illegal regime which unfortunately lasted for 11 years. During his rule he gave false hope to people that he would establish Islamic System in the country. The people of Pakistan had been waiting for the system but it was never brought. On the other hand our society suffered a lot from such evils as drug mafia and Kalashnikov culture because of our unrelenting support for the so called Jihad-e-Afghanistan. Hudood Bill was also the part of that strategy to consolidate Zia's ILLEGAL government. Thousands of women suffered from this bill of indiscrimination since it has been passed. I think it is high time to get rid of this unjust bill which was not passed by a democratic parliament.
Musharraf Ahmad, Multan, Pakistan
On starting this programme you promote that you will discuss all topics regarding controversial issues for public interest. But you close this after HADOOD And ZINA. May we think like all other people that it was only for American lobby's signal? Have you achieved the goal of Pakistan's enemies? I am not against your view against HUDOOD ORDINANCE. It was a great effort to show actual figures to the people of Pakistan but the delay in other issues urges the people to think like that. Important topics related to Islamic sects should also be resolved in order to create unity. Please discuss about 'one way of NAMAZ', the best and common technique to give ZAKAT Interference of Govt. in religious matter and whether the privatization policy is against the Economic ideology of Islam? Please ZARA SOCHIEYE THANKS
Ayaz Aslam, Islamabad, Pakistan
The debate on the issue is not a rational one, and understandably so, because both parties are fighting within the realm of Islam. Both believe that other's interpretation of Quran and Sunnah is incorrect. The rationalist approach to this ordinance should be that if it is against existing human rights, it should be discarded. The debate should not be on who has got the wrong interpretation of Islam, rather, it should focus on whether the ordinance conforms with the existing human rights or not.thers and Sisters MH
Shahnawaz patel, karachi, Pakistan
I must say that Geo have done a big thing but it is just a one issue and Geo should start an awareness program on some other issue, for example, how one person can bring change ?
Nadeem Ahmed, canton, MI, United States
Let me congratulate GEO on setting an example about how to listen to each other to resolve difference of opinions. This kind of dialogue is not very common in our society, particularly if the issue is revolving around a religious matter. A certain group of people, the so-called "Ulmas" don't want to give somebody a chance to present their case. I think that there is and will be lot of criticism about this effort from that certain group. Please don't be discouraged. I hope this will become a norm in our social and religious groups towards peacefully settling disputes.
Saima wakeel, punjab, Pakistan
With great respect I invite your attention to the off repeated words of the Hudood Ordinance. Zina bil raza and zina bil jabr both are repugnant words. The very word of zina is repulsive and disgusting especially when children are watching TV. Parents feel embarrassed. I do not think it is a hot topic for the present. We are ignoring other important issues .
Thank you for Thinking!